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vCardorganizer is the prolific managing tool that provides certain manes to manage commonly used general industry standard vCards. Visual business cards are now days the most popular and comprehensive was of communicating between two different industries and thus managing all those vCard contacts is necessarily important. A general vCard is an information file which is in .VCF format and for handling this particular file type; you need professional software like the vCardorganizer.

vCardorganizer is the software which lets you to edit, manage and share vCards within your contacts while keeping those contacts safe and secure in a digital format. Now with the use of vCardorganizer, one can easily edit and even share the electronic contact information over the internet while retaining the card in its original .VCF format. All kind of editing improvisations along with sharing and accessing the visual business cards directly from a pc, can be managed with the vCardorganizer. With full drag and drop support, full dialogue box and menu window screen integration and quick-clean interface makes it very easy to handle electronic contacts in a digital environment.

This intuitive vCardorganizer software consists of many excellent editing features such as the splitting and merging of vCards, back-up and restoring vCards along with vCard photo and logo support, which makes managing a huge amount of vCards from pc- an effortless task. Also, tools to find duplicate vCard contacts and editing vCard prefix name with print and preview functions in.VCF format is supported by this vCardorganizer. This software can be run on any versions of Windows xp and comes with a trial license.


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