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Ultra Recall is a very intuitive and intelligent piece of software that helps you to keep and manage all your contacts within a digital environment. Ultra Recall has been developed with one mission that is to provide a safe and secure and an optimum level of managing software for all your important contacts, notes and even bookmarks that you daily scamper through for your work related queries.  When you have a large amount of electronic information to store, manage and optimize for your work related involvements- Ultra Recall can be your best solution.

This program has been developed while wrapping it completely in a very intuitive and clean interface, which makes work easy. This software has installer components which includes rich edit tolls with table format, MS Office rich edit control, Internet Explorer menu and toolbar, Firefox , Thunderbird and Outlook toolbar which makes your work and saving or managing electronic information just like breeze. Also, this software has been equipped with multiple panes, which makes it easy to navigate data and circumfuse all the work related information while managing them in an organized manner.

Additional features such as the creating favourites list, taking notes, search options for your electronic contact information, setting flags can be easily done. This particular software uses low to moderate system memory for all its operations and makes saving and managing electronic information in a digital environment- utmost easy. Moreover, this efficient software can be brought to use of keeping tracks of newsgroups portals along with managing for website bookmarking.

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