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For tracking your schedule you may use this software. This program will send you alerts regarding upcoming birthdays, meetings or concerts. Any skill level users are targeted by it. The interface of this program is very simple. If you are expecting it a visually very attractive software then you must know that it is not so because of no recent upgradation.

Multiple database can be managed by Scandenze Light i.e. it can be used by numbers of people sharing one single computer. You can create a new event by marking a date, anticipation time and frequency setting. After the description has been written, you can ask this software to show the event even if it has expired. The details of an event can be edited  like copying, cutting or moving to another date. Reviewing of all events can be done also.

This software provides multilingual support. The response time is pretty good. It includes a help file and it can run on a very low amount of CPU. Computer’s overall performance does not get affected by it. Usually this software does not hang or crash. Though it seems to many people bit outdated but it provides a simple solution without causing any problem to the system. This software is compatible with all the latest Windows OS like XP, ME, Vista, 7 and 8 also.

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