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RightNote is a note taking software. You might have found other software of this type but you that nothing can be compared to RightNote. From phone numbers to spreadsheets, you can store anything using this software. It might take sometimes to understand all the features of this program but it is a software worth using. The interface of the program is easy to navigate.

The menus are across the top and to the left side there is a tree hierarchy. Anyone who has used word processor will easily understand the basic features of it. Each RightNote file is referred as Notebook. The pages of each Notebook are arranged in a tree hierarchy. Child notes and siblings can easily be edited.

For notes, there are five different formats- RichEdit, Memo, RichView, Spreadsheet and Source Code. Within the program, you can easily create fully functional spreadsheets. Files and links can also be added to them. The User guide is provided with the program and all the main features are highlighted there. RightNote is a very useful software for a person who is tracking great ideas or outlining a novel, organizing recipe collection and so on. For organizing and saving data, RightNote is a great software.

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