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RightCardReader is the card scan and read application that can comprehensively read the bar codes of different business cards. Sometimes you will get visual business cards which have a bar coded information printed on them. Certainly, you need a professional bar code reader program which will read the coded information with accuracy and efficiency. That is where exactly the RightCardReader application interprets as a premium class bar code information reader from any RightCardWare family bar code printing.

Scanning the printed bar code upon a visual business card requires a sophisticated program, which can be successfully delivered by the RightCardReader. This program can read all the different types of bar code information that have been created by RightCardWare family programs. While you use professional printing involvements, or print a business card from your desktop using inexpensive paper stock- RightCardReader can read it all.

RightCardReader works with Flatbed TWAIN, Card Scan and symbol scanner procurements while you can also choose to scan a bunch of vCard bar code printed information at once. Printing bar code information on a business card saves you immense amount of type as you do not have to type anything for printing. Also, the information stays safe and secure as the bar code information will only be read through RightCardReader. This application can be run on all Windows OS versions released till date including Windows 7 and 8.


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