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SprinN Lite eng is an accounting and billing software program designed and developed by one of the leading business software program developer named AERN. SprinN Lite eng acts as a forecasting tool for the investors in capital markets. This software functions through Artificial Neutral Networks which is more commonly known as Artificial Intelligence. This software recommends the investments options in the capital market. It uses the artificial intelligence to forecast the conditions of markets. This helps the users to get the accurate updates of market and hence aids him to make wise decisions regarding investments. It suggests the investors when to put in, hold or withdraw investments.

There is a lot of risk involved in investments. This application helps to control the risks involved by managing the process, payment of fees and other charges or commission and thereby aids the user to make investments judiciously. It is technically equipped and its analysis indicators help to produce different kinds of charts and schedules indicating detailed reports of the markets. This software is very user friendly and is suitable for accountants, businessmen, professionals and householders making investments at regular intervals.  This software is now widely used across the globe.

The software SprinN Lite eng follows a very simple installation. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with no additional requirements. The salient features that make the software unique and handy are that it uses artificial intelligence to predict price levels, prepares reports, recommends investors about their time and place of investments, and contains ASCII data files. This software is available in three different models at reasonable prices. This tool is also available in free trial versions that enables the users to use it before they buy the original software.