Small Speculator Sentiment Analyzer
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Download Small Speculator Sentiment Analyzer

Small Speculator Sentiment Analyzer is popular business software program designed and developed by S$S Analyzer for providing Accounting and Billing oriented services for stock market traders. This application software program is specifically designed to work with FOREX share market and help the traders to invest in the market. Before investing your money on Foreign Exchange (FOREX) share market, you need to have complete details of market prices and share values. Without these information your investment in the FOREX share market is not secured. Small Speculator Sentiment Analyzer provides the necessary tools for effective investment in the FOREX share market. It is capable of showing you the share market sentiments from the perspective of small speculators.

Small Speculator Sentiment Analyzer is a very sophisticated application program for share market trading. The features of this application are: full market support, currency trading and share price levels. It can be used to determine stock supports, resistance factor in share market and other vital price levels which can help you a lot for your share market investments. FOREX is a dynamic trading market and you need an effective application which can keep you updated throughout the day for currency trading. You can easily open orders and export trades information to Microsoft Excel for better usability.

This application program is highly compatible with Windows operating systems. The compatibility list includes: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Me/NT, Windows 98 and Windows 95. No additional software support is required for installation. With all above mentioned features it also provides an efficient and intuitive user interface. Managing your share market investments becomes quite easy with this application program. The MS Excel support for trade’s data enhances the readability of share market records and allows you to store the records securely in your computer.

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