RSI Asset Management
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RSI Asset Management is a business software intended to help organizations improve their operational efficiency by making their assets management easier. It works to manage and organize the assets of any company and the people using them. It keeps track of all the assets and all the people to whom those assets are assigned. The program being simple, efficient and fast, stands as one of the most helpful tool for any small to large scale business organization. It tracks the asset information such as location, status, checkout and bar code thus maintaining a database of your valuable assets.

The Ticket Management module of the application lets you create tickets for the assets issues and manages them. Information like the status of the ticket, submitted by and serviced by is shown with the tickets. You can use the search function to search for the people, tickets and assets. The program features wizards for the check in and check out processes for assets so that you can carry out the assignments quickly. It also supports bar code scan to create IDs for assets and persons. You can also scan bar codes for check in and check out processes making the transactions smooth.

The reporting function of the tool helps you analyse the business performance through varied reports. They are meant to let you keep track of asset information, people and tickets. You can customize the reports to suit your requirements. Users get to manage the groups, locations and types of assets and types of tickets. A highly useful program for asset management!

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