QuData Calculator
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QuData Calculator is an accounting and billing software program developed by QuData.com. QuData.com is one of the most popular manufacturers of business software that helps to solve the accounting problems faced by users. It is basically a financial calculator with lots of important and functional features. This software helps to calculate various calculations related to financial functions such as rate of interests, rates of return, present value, future value, and payback periods and other tax calculations as well. The users can adjust its options according to their requirements by the help of its flexible interface. This software is very easy to learn and use. It is designed for all kinds of users such as businessman, professionals, or accountants.

This calculator helps the users to make a firm decision on their investment options. The varieties of calculations available at this application enable a user managing their finances better. The data can be entered in this application for calculating from keyboard as well as keypad of the software. This helps the users to operate the calculator as is suitable to him. This software is also capable of converting various units of measurement, whether simple or compound. This conversion facility helps to calculate all kinds of measurement in any form.

QuData Calculator is very easy to install. The compatibility of this software application includes Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with no additional requirements. This is very handy software as it is capable of a variety of calculations, convert units of measurement, history panel that stores all the recent calculations and a section which facilitates statistical computations using the relevant data entered by the user. This is very user friendly software and all kinds of users can operate it without any complications. It is available in free models which makes it more attractive.

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