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PhoneWorks 2002 Professional is a telephone and voice mail response system which has the capability of converting your PC in to a minor telephone exchange. This tool is developed by RingCentral incorporation and is a tool designed to maximize your saving through minimizing the investment in tools and infrastructure for telephonic services. The tool also has the functionality in built for converting your personal computer in to a Fax machine. This software is designed to act as a central database for storing and managing your emails, voice mails, and all fax messages.  This tool can be remotely accessed by you, wherever you are, by the simple usage of its client architecture.

The tool has special design for integration with Outlook Express. This integration allows you to access your emails, voice mails, and fax messages, all at one single window of the outlook express, its ‘Inbox”. The tool enables you to use different greetings for different days for the calls to your new exchange. There are many call control options like blocking specific numbers from calling your exchange and personalized greetings. There are more features than just faxes and emails. This tool has an excellent optical character recognition (OCR) feature inbuilt in its application.  This OCR feature recognizes the characters in the fax messages and converts these fax messages in to other readable format documents. The faxes can be converted in to MS word, Excel, and other standard document application formats, which can be used for easy transfer across systems.

The tool is designed with lots of thoughts for convenience and functionality. There is a drag and drop feature available for ease of use in transferring files across systems. The non availability of detailed support and help options is a disappointment. The documentation is generally very poor and not organized.  The requirement to restart your system after installation is not generally an expected option from a tool like this. The customer care unit should be more interactive as this tool will be required mostly by small scale business units who needs more standard and robust customer support.  This tool is designed for Windows platform and is supported on all its old OS flavors.

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