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OrgFinances for Workgroup is the business software for the purpose of billing and accounting for all small and medium sized businesses. It is the latest version of OrgFinances. It provides the user with the option of sharing data if the user wants to by using the LAN. This software is convenient and easy accounting software for the small business traders, home purposes and medium scale businesses. OrgFinances for Workgroup can skillfully manage the finance without the user having special technical skills. It was first introduced by the software developer ‘Binary House Software’ on January 2013. All users are highly satisfied with this piece of software application.

OrgFinances for Workgroup efficiently manages the finances of families and businesses. It can track all sources of income of the user and manages the expenditures. The software plans the monthly budget and cuts down all useless expenditures. It supports numerous categories of accounts and makes it customizable for its contribution towards efficient account management of businesses. Based on the user’s preference OrgFinances for Workgroup can generate selective or comprehensive reports. Also, the reports can be converted into XML, HTML, Excel or PDF format. It can be e-mailed to business partners in case they need. The software works as a great scheduler and the user can use it to keep track of his appointments. All reports can be protected using passwords.

This piece of software is extremely simple to use and has got a user-friendly interface. Users can experience many different features and customizable settings with OrgFinances for Workgroup. It is clean and safe and does not include any form of viruses, spyware, malware of trojan. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 2003, 2000, Vista and many other operating systems. OrgFinances for Workgroup can be tried with the free trial version available for 14 days before buying online.

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