MyBusinessCatalog Ultimate
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Download MyBusinessCatalog Ultimate

MyBusinessCatalog Ultimate is the most comprehensive business software tool that creates digital catalogues in various forms such as in CD, HTML or PDF formats. This E-commerce software happens to be the most perfect tool for the creation of digital catalogues and boosting the promotion of various business products. It helps any business to increase their customers’ attention towards the goods in a much simple and cost effective way. With MyBusinessCatalog companies can easily create digital catalogues on CD or DVD as and when they require. This effective tool was introduced by the publisher ‘MyBusinessCatalog’ on January 2010 and since then it has continued to be familiar among business houses.

MyBusinessCatalog Ultimate allows all required data to be imported from Microsoft Access, Excel, TXT, DBF, CSV and XML. This helps in integrating the digital catalogues with the bookkeeping software. The digital catalogues can be burnt with the CD Catalog Creation Wizard. Using the Wizard makes it easy to include all information about the company and its various products and services in the CD. The replication of the digital catalogs can be executed either in the office itself or can be outsourced to companies specializing in it. Thus the marketing tool for promoting the companies goods and services gets created.

MyBusinessCatalog Ultimate is extremely user friendly and happens to be much cheaper than the conventional modes of printing. This business tool works well with Windows 98, Windows 2003, Windows Me, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating system. It is 100% clean and does not contain any form of virus, malware or spyware ensuring the user total security of his personal computer. MyBusinessCatalog happens to bring in the most modern approach in promoting business products or services and winning over the customers in an efficient way.

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