Download My Notes Keeper Portable

My Notes Keeper Portable is actually a charter app that is helps to save a document in such a manner that it is liberated from note format. This very software has been developed ad published by Wpg Computing and My Notes Keeper Portable comes up with a file size of 6.92 MB. The Operating Systems that are well matched with this particular software are Windows XP/Vista/7/2000 and Windows 8.

As previously mentioned My Notes Keeper Portable helps the user to save any document in a very simple to use and understand outline. Having this you can easily manage you document factory without much effort. This very software is used in order to manage the eBook, consumers’ information, password, phone book, address list and other information with great ease. This software is featured with text editor that helps you to tidy up you text by editing the subsections, and other things like the color, size of the text, font and many other such functions. The software has an extremely user friendly interface and is high on charts of popularity due to its amazing features.

Storing your document in an easy to search outline it make it simple for you to navigate your document as well as managing it in effortless way. The text editor helps you design your text the way you want with its fully flexible features.

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