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Being a fan of Mozilla web browsers, one cannot resist using the Sunbird software from the same developer. Mozilla has been renowned as the top developer for web browsers including some other types of software, which also have crated huge hypes in the web market. The Mozilla Sunbird is yet   another newly defined software which is basically the cross-platform reference calendar software. This Mozilla Sunbird can eventually be of help for those individuals who are engaged to too many different types of activities in one day.

Being a calendar and event organizing software, Mozilla Sunbird can be of immense help in organizing and managing meetings and appointments for work related involvements and even for personal involvements.  It is not that this particular software from the house of Mozilla is a great introduction, but still the Mozilla Sunbird can be referred to as comprehensive and worthwhile scheduling software for busy persons attending more than one engagement. The user interface of this particular software is very much easy and can be conferred to as immensely user friendly.

Adding new events to your calendar is very easy as all it takes a click on the “add event” tab. The same task has to be done if you want to add new tasks. Also, featuring a powerful search engine within this software which lets you to manage and search all your events by keywords which make keeping track of your work related involvements- sophisticated. This software has been written on the XUL language platform and delivers to be a very safe and efficient program which can be run on Windows OS versions up to Windows 7.



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