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Download LoanMesiter

LoanMeister is a business software created and developed by Delbert Hall.  It functions with the help of Excel as a tool to accelerate the process of preparing a payback table for loans. By feeding in some key data such as loan amount, the rate of interest, the time period of the loan and the day and date of starting the installments or payments, the table is ready to be used.  This is a handy software application which enables the user to manage the borrowed fund records systematically. With the help of this software, users can cut short the tedious and hectic task of paper work required to manage such records.

LoanMeister is highly compatible with windows 7and Windows 8. Thus it can be installed and used in various systems. It simplifies the task of keeping track of payments disbursed at the end or at the beginning/ mid time of the month. LoanMeister has been designed in a favourable way, which helps in keeping a record of the payment date and the check number through which the payment has been made. Such vital details can be required at any point of time and this software helps to keep a clean record of such crucial credentials.

Choosing this software to handle the borrowed fund records and simplifying the work is definitely a wise and a reliable choice. LoanMeister has been customized to function in a way such that any changes in payment schedule or amount is automatically updated on the table. This can happen when the borrower of the loan has disbursed payments which are more than the monthly set limit. The software identifies the extra amount and feeds this amount data in the principle amount data field. LoanMeister can be easily used on any system working on Windows operating system. It is a complete optimized solution for managing borrowed funds records.

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