Indicational Currency Converter
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For those businesses which run in an international scale, currency conversion is an issue of importance and needs to be tackled with care. Indicational Currency Converter is a special application made for just this purpose. As the name suggests it lets you convert currencies easily without going through extensive multiplication and division exercises. It reduces calculation errors and the amount of time and effort that usually conversion of currencies requires.

Imagine a scenario where your business has spread into many parts of the worlds besides the neighboring countries. There would be hundreds and thousands of transactions each day that will need to be consolidated at the Head Office level for generation of meaningful accounting data. This cannot be done without converting currencies first because the financial statements can only be in one currency; the home currency or the currency of the place from where you are running the whole business. It is too much to ask for if you want your employees to calculate it every single time and that too at the updated exchange rate. It is quite possible and human for them to do mistakes. Indicational Currency Converter lets you avoid that.

Indicational Currency Converter is easily available over the net and can be downloaded following few simple steps .It is compatible to Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It can be easily installed and takes up negligible amount of disk space. It can convert up to 182 different currencies. The interface is very user friendly with a big practical screen set up. It is not crammed and small and you can use it very comfortably. Handy features like a calculator bar helps you do other calculations as well.





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