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Hodoman Timer is a sophisticated internet cafe solution designed on the lines of client-server architecture. The major purpose of this software is to allow group of customers access to various applications we develop and define and access from any location in the network through web interface and cross-platform server installed on system. It is capable of planning and customizing various prices, supporting both prepaid and post-paid customers, bars and services management, it also supports packages like offering them lower prices of services for potential customers who wish to use services by managing their membership accounts and cards. You can earn the major revenue by allowing customers to send SMS messages worldwide on self-defined price and purchasing SMS credits. Also, Hodoman Timer allows you to define own categories of application. This will enable client side to fast switching from one application category to another. Also, countless time intervals can be specified.


This software is basically designed to target simple stock management of products which can be done by setting stock alert quantities and displaying shift, employee and detailed reports. You can visualize total cash and keep track and generate information on every item sold during each shift and summarize total cashing generated by all clients. High GUI and histograms can keep check on services and stations used most likely, analyze potential profits and set up environmental correction variables suiting to the demands of client using data analyzing and association. It is highly secure tool for client-server communication with the provisions for data integrity, encryption, registry, IP authentication, shell and anti-crash protection and restricted to access to highly important files.


This software is highly compatible and low resource-using tool. It can run on all Windows PC supporting all versions from Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista to Window 97/98. Moreover, it can be installed on Linux and Mac Os as well. The additional support to multiple languages is an added advantage.

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