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Now all your business processes are made easier! APS Stock Control is an innovative business software that takes care of your business aspects from purchase, store, production and returns to sales and items. The program keeps track of the transactions and based on the information recorded, it provides you comprehensive reports that let you analyse your business performance. It supports vendor cards, item cards, store cards, allows creating and printing custom invoices with a support for multiple currency, keeps check on the inventory stock and generates order reports. All these great features make this tool one of the most recommended business tools in market.

The best part of this program is that it works in integration with the accounting version of the software so that you need not look for a separate accounting program for your business. It retrieves information from it and uses it to create the journal entries by itself saving you the time and effort of manual entry. It also has an added support for point of sales hardware like drawer, printer and scanner. The program not only offers you an easy and quick creation of invoices but also supports taxes. It also allows multiple companies and any number of financial years. The program being multilingual, the interface, data entry and reports are more usable.

The reporting feature includes a visual report designer and allows export to more than 19 formats including Excel. The import & export wizard helps you use the information with other applications for better performance. Its database can be centralized and access restrictions can be imposed for keeping it secure. Use it as a standalone application or in co-ordination with the accounting tool. Whatever be the business you use it for, it is sure to benefit you!

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