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Spicebird application is based on the Mozilla Gecko engine which provides an all in one application and can be bought in competition with the Microsoft Outlook as one of its most unique and best identity is that it is free of cost. This application cannot be used if your operating system is Windows 7.

The basic inclusions in the Spicebird application are an e-mail, a calendar and an IM client. All the above mentioned inclusions are integrated with Gmail so in case you are a Gmail user, then all your contacts can be immediately imported to your Gmail account with great convenience. A nifty RSS feature has been enabled in the Spicebird application that can always provide you with the latest happenings from any of your top priority sites. And as in the same case of outlook, it issues a warning whenever there is a meeting or an appointment that is upcoming in your calendar. This application is recently launched and still undergoing work in progress and it guarantees that in the future there will be many more languages and other inclusions to provide a better performance to its users. It will include many new languages to be more effective and user friendly for its users. In the present application also there are many basic features that need to be improved in order to fully compete with its rival Microsoft outlook which includes the necessity of a more advanced contact list. As most Mozilla products face, this application also places a heavy load on your RAM. It provides various similarities with that of the thunderbolt.

There has been recent changes in the spice bird application is that it provides added chat support to other language other than only the English language. It provides an option to use date formatting and also added Tango icons for menu items. However, the contact list is limited and it still requires to under go a development to compete with Microsoft Outlook.

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