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Maintenance of account details is a very tedious task which can be made easy with the help of the amazing tool which goes by the name of xBooks. Designed and developed by Synergration, a major developer of accounting and billing software, xBooks proves to be a very useful tool which comes in handy whenever the need for detailed maintenance of finances arises. Probably the most developed in its field and the one with the most useful features built in, it is a favorite amongst the professionals and untrained users alike. All in all, xBooks is a dream come true for those who face the daily problem of having to care of every single transaction that occurs.

xBooks proves to be versatile in its approach to the job it has been designed for since it is compatible with both Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks. It has direct access to the data stored in QuickBooks and in this way it can provide the users with uncountable advantages when they have to work on that data. Another of its advantages includes the fact that the software’s object based design helps it to work hand in hand with the QuickBooks Application Programming Interface without any hindrance, whatsoever. Its extensive help topics allow users to get an instant grip on the functionalities it has to offer besides offering the users with sample documents and spreadsheets.

Of all the precious features that this amazing software has to offer to its users, the following are simply the winning strokes that it has managed to play in the long run: it is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, small size helps it to solve the problem of large system requirements, user friendly nature and easy to use functionalities further enhance its ability to prove itself as the sharpest tool in the shed.

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