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Wintraday is a business software application conceptualized and created by GPCS Services. This is a very handy and vital software programmed for investors. With the help of Wintraday, investors can keep themselves updated on the latest happenings in the stock market. Investors can sustain their healthy position with regard to their investment by receiving minute by minute live feeds on personal stocks and investments. This software stands unique owing to its small file size (1 MB) and easily distributable via mail. It is very easy to run this software even while other windows applications are open. It is very easy to keep the market data window open and view it anytime since it can be moved anywhere on the desktop.

The best aspect of Wintraday is that it offers a great deal of compatibility to its users. This software is compatible with all the major version of windows operating system such as windows 7 and windows 8 and other renowned versions. It is also compatible with other popular operating systems. This software enables investors to stay in touch with the market data vendor throughout and stay updated about their stocks. It can be installed on the system either permanently or for a required time period. It is available for downloading free freely however there will be a slight delay on the update of the data by a stipulated 15 minutes.

Wintraday is one such software which has been designed for both individual investors as well as corporate businesses thus helping companies to focus on individual investors. It also offers a high level of customization options for the investors. This software is also available to be used in the Paris Stock Exchange and can be adjusted according to the requirements of other world markets. With such amazing features, Wintraday is a perfect and the most applicable software for modern day investors.

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