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SuperFin is the latest software from the stables of Georgian Software systems. SuperFin allows the user to keep a track of the facilities at a warehouse, stocks available and the movement of stocks in the warehouses. SuperFin also allows the users to keep account of the various measurement units and resources in money and various other currencies. If one has to manage more than one warehouse at a time, then this software helps   keeping an account of all the productions in different warehouses simultaneously along with detailed information about various wholesale as well as retail prices of a production can be preserved and used for later references. The user has to specify the type of account for the receipt of the realization prices, namely LIFO, FIFO.

The documents are created and automatically, a record is sent to the entries at production. SuperFin also keeps a record of the computing movement from one warehouse to another, account records with the supplier and buyer, so as to settle matters between suppliers and buyers. SuperFin also helps the user to keep a track of ordered and returned product items. SuperFin also keeps a record of ordered and returned production. It allows the user to keep track of all the records of the warehouse or business from a single platform.

The software is compatible with machines having operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed in the system. SuperFin is an amazing software for varied entrepreneurs. The software provides a unique platform to manage all the finances of the company in a more organized fashion.

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