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Created by SafeNet Software, SmartBees Merchant enables the user to do accounting after minimizing the errors or problems in data entry thereby increasing the efficiency of the output and the workflow. This software helps in the growth and development of your business with some exclusive features which includes: tracking of the events, keeping a track of the orders of sales, generation of picking lists, creation of invoices, reports of accounts and current sales.

The image of the products can be seen or viewed and many other items such as pricing of groups, entry of item through matrix, pop up alerts are even provided to help the clients. A detailed list of transactions are also shown in order to help the users. Account notification features are provided. Placing and bookmarking orders and purchasing a product becomes very fast and easy.It offers data entry for a single point user by creating invoices and requisition of client data or record. It has many utilities which are profitable for the user such as automating of sales, accounting, modules are tracked for the data.

This software is compatible with all operating systems whether Windows 7 or Windows 8. It eases the management of the business by leaps and bounds. It is mainly designed to bring about a considerable positive change in various aspects or sections of business.

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