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A tailor-made customized package instrumented out of open source softwares, saber POS is definitely a option worth consideration against the costly and complicated commercial POS softwares available. It has integration with Mercury Payments Systems which is one amongst the top US merchant companies. It also involves Magtek End2End encrypted card readers. The stability of Openbravo is at the core of Saber POS. The server MySQL is pre-packaged and embedded into this top quality database.

Saber POS is a safe merchant processing system with a plethora of features that makes it suitable to different needs of the hospitality, retail and food services industries. The cost of ownership is low but reliability is high. It runs effectively on Windows 7/ XP /Vista and is touch screen operated which ensures easy navigability. Saber POS can easily be learned and operated with a minimum training time. In case of troubleshooting technical support is always at your disposal. The Point of Sale (POS) features are just amazing in one word; the order screens are simple, delivery is made along with caller id, there is the facility of integrated credit cards, personal checks and gift cards along with the more regular features like bar code scanning ,invoice printing etc.

There are also several back office benefits that installation of Saber POS can provide you with. You will get auto archives, security settings that can be customized and full database management. Generation of tax reports and email reports will happen at a click and so will be payroll reporting. Thus reports can also be transported to Excel for further use. The inventory shopping lists can also be auto generated to ensure optimum buying and utilization. In short Saber POS is the final word if you are looking for an affordable and accurate system of management for your undertaking.



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