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International transactions are often a part of businesses which means that they have to deal with international currency a lot and this requires them to have absolute knowledge about the conversion tables which can be found readymade in QuickEx. QuickEx is a software which has been designed and developed by Popcorn Software for the very purpose of making conversions from type of currency to another to help people get instant knowledge about the international market.

Very easy to install and use, QuickEx contains in built options for the various types of international currency including those used less frequently. It has the latest conversion rates and even makes it a point to update itself at regular intervals of time over the internet. It’s in built currency conversion calculator does the job in a jiffy and hence its popularity with the masses. It even has options to help the user setup the software according to his or her needs.

The following features help make it number one choice amongst the daily users: it is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, extremely small in size which helps it to run on almost any kind of system, easy to use features which attract the attention of the users greatly.

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