Download Purchase Order Template with AutoInvoice Tool

Purchase Order Template with AutoInvoice Tool is an application designed with two purposes; One for providing the user a customary and easy to use purchase order template and two is an automated invoice tool based on the inputs from the PO template. This tool is designed for both the buyer and the seller. It helps you to manage your orders and keep track of the same through easy integration with all formats of spreadsheets available in the market. It is a multipurpose tool and it all depends on our need how we use this for achieving our purpose.

For a person in the selling industry, the tool allows you to create a template, one for each customer in your list. The tool automatically creates a customer identification number and you are supposed to input other customer detail such as address and other reference details. This tool allows you to create a purchase order template customary to each customer and send this to the customer for their future usage. Whenever the customer wishes to buy any supplies from your company, all they need to do is to just fill in the template customized in their names and send it to you, only the order page for each purchase. This tool is also equipped with an instant invoice facility tool, which automatically prepares a sales invoice or a purchase order depending on whether you are a seller or a buyer. It is equipped to handle both sales requests as well as purchase orders and can be configured easily for both the roles.

There are lots of functionalities in-built in this tool. The templates are capable of calculating the delivery cost taking in to consideration the various discounts and other offers. The total cost is a combination of different parameters. The tool allows you to easily set the various parameters in an easy manner and can be set to zero value, if we wish to ignore those parameter items. The sales tax and VAT values are automatically considered, when calculating the total cost of the order or product. These features, including the automated sales invoice facilities, save lots of your time and effort in managing your business. You can also experience this product from its free download for personal usage.

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