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It often becomes necessary to keep track of the number of hours an employee of a particular company puts in and on such occasions Premember Light is the one that most professionals resort to. Designed and developed by Hesiod Software, a major developer of similar desktop utilities, Premember Light has been designed with the sole aim of keeping track of the number of working hours of each and every employee of any company.

Premember Light has a host of in built features which allow the software to track each and every second that the employees spend behind the machines allotted to them. It is basically a Windows based tool which features on the desktop and runs throughout to track the time it has been on duty. It takes screenshots of the desktop and related applications at regular intervals, the time of which can be customized by the user as per his or her requirements.

The following advanced features of the software give it an edge over others in its category and help it to serve the user community better: compatibility with both Windows 7 and Windows 8, small size which helps it to overcome the barrier of high system requirements, easy to use interface which helps the users understand the details and it completely free nature which further helps it do business.

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