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PProAction Accounting Selected Edition is an accounting and billing software developed by PProAction. PProAction is a fast growing manufacturer of business software which provides accounting services as well as auditing services. This is basically accounting software that helps to create vouchers for sales and purchases, make entries for petty cash expenses and record journals. This software is capable of designing cheques and prints them using multiple layouts with the help of information in vouchers. This software is also capable of preparing bank reconciliation statements, Payroll vouchers, sales tax, VAT and other indirect taxes. It also helps to prepare cash memos and bills along with return entries.

PProAction Accounting Selected Edition is user friendly and handy software. This software enables export of financial data to excel and PDF formats that helps user to work easily. It has barcode facilities as well to track the inflow and outflow of goods and prevent them from shoplifting. It maintains bills and numbers them serially which helps in profit calculations, create invoices from bills and discount policies for different kinds of products. It also helps to prepare invoice reports and generate latest reports without posting. These features make this software unique and can be recommended to any kind of user.

PProAction Accounting Selected Edition is very easy to install and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Some of the exceptional qualities of this software which make it useful are that it supports multiple stores for transfer facilities, displays the stock of items in different stores, prints cash memos and bills in any paper size, supports any language with Unicode features, and supports multiple currencies including foreign currencies. This software can calculate the exchange rates easily from vouchers and instantly convert them to base currency. It is very useful in dealing with international transactions.

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