Download ORANGE FX

OrangeFX software is definitely the tool of any forex trader. Developed by Orange Fx, this software comes with some good trading features.

The developers have given a thorough study of Forex before developing this software. Some of the main features of this software are the Free forex news that comes in handy if you are a trader and looking for the breaking news every second. Since trading is a business that is very fast and has to be undertaken in a minute of deciding, Orange FX provides you with a set of tools to access the best news feed. It helps you in deciding what to trade and set up  economic calendars, when you are looking to buy something for long-term investments. Though in all it may seem to be a collection of many different already available tools in the market, it is still important to highlight the fact that OrangeFX software also helps to use this news to the right purpose.

The main space on the left hand side dedicated to detailed FOREX prices that include low price, high price and the change that has occurred. This can give you a detailed view of the market. The right hand side of the interface space is allocated to the news portion. With the latest updates being displayed in front you, you are bound to be well informed.

This software is compatible with WINDOWS 3X /  95 / NT / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / VISTA / 2007 / 2008. .