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LoanAlert software assists in loan account managing system so that organizations can manage it through an automated procedure. It is designed to assist the loan providers in every way and makes the tracking of the provided loans and arrear fee easier. LoanAlert generates comprehensive reports and loan statements to enable the loan provider to have better ideas of their business processes. This application was published by the software developer ‘House of Wealth’ on July 2004. It is an extremely popular tool among the loan providing companies.

Although LoanAlert was designed basically for the property financiers, it serves other business sectors like the retail, car finance and second mortgages also. The users need not calculate the complicated loan amount as all of the calculations are done by LoanAlert with just a click. It not only automates the process of mortgage statements and loan payments but also alerts the user when the loan should be issued with the exact principal amount and amortization of interest. The software also manages the interest depending on the variable or fixed monthly repayment amount. LoanAlert alerts the users about the default amount and arrears if any by producing notices.

LoanAlert is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system and is extremely user friendly and flexible to operate.

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