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Lawnmower Manager is a one stop software solution for all the requirements that a yard and garden maintenance business can have. With the growing needs of the property owners who neither have the time and resources to maintain a proper front yard or garden, professional assistance is becoming very much desirable. As a result business in this arena is also facing a definite boost in recent decades. With growth in number of clients and assignments comes the necessity of a well organized system to manage the affairs of the business. Herein comes the Lawnmower Manager, a windows based software almost tailor-made to suit your needs.

With Lawnmower Manager you can effectively keep track of your many customers and their respective job schedule. There will be a master database where you can feed all the information about your clients, their properties, preferences etc. Thus generation of estimates about a certain job becomes easy and you can also allocate a worker to a certain piece of job, based on factors like availability, recurrence of job, ease of conveyance etc. The effort that generally goes into the scheduling of jobs becomes dramatically reduced. An application like Lawnmower Manager makes sure you never fail to make a timely appointment for a yard job, that too at the convenience of your client.

There are more attractive facets to this help full software; not only does it generates near accurate estimates for a certain job it facilitates direct e-mailing services to send the same to your customers. Lawnmower Manager also generates professionally formatted invoices that are required to collect payment after completion of the undertaken assignment. Finally it will also enable generation of business reports to reflect the financial results of your business in a timely manner which can be put to further analyzing.










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