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InnPlanner 2008 Designer is a Business application software program developed by Inn Planner Software. This software provides accounting & billing solutions for any organization's business processing. InnPlanner 2008 Designer allows you to design a fully automated guest or customer management system for hotels and restaurants which will help you to manage your daily business activities easily. InnPlanner 2008 Designer reduces the manual business processing and paper works and atomizes everyday's hotel operations. Using InnPlanner 2008 Designer you can design and create a hotel management system which will take care about every working module of your hotel. It takes care of room reservation, check-in, checkout, invoicing, bills, special discounts, seasonal rates, tax reports and financial analysis.

InnPlanner 2008 Designer is a very efficient application for designing and customizing a fully automated management system for hotels and restaurants. The wide range of processing modules makes this application a successful hotel management system. It allows you to analyze performance factors and the profitability ratio of all your marketing related campaigns. You can easily customize every field and action and allows you to add extra tables & fields to reflect the unique features of your hotel. It can maximize your profitability by offering exciting discounts depending on expected or current vacancy rates. InnPlanner 2008 Designer also allows you to make announcements, track employee records and salaries and generate custom reports.

The installation of InnPlanner 2008 Designer requires Windows operating environment on your system. This application is only compatible with Windows operating systems and the list includes: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows server 2003. InnPlanner 2008 Designer also provides an intuitive graphical user interface to work. This interface simplifies the job of managing you hotels and restaurants

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