Hoyard DocSite
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Hoyard DocSite software is designed to allow users to store all information and notes with an easy outline. The software enables its users to find out any information with just a click of the mouse. It is an ideal application to store not only notes and information but also images, e-mails, contact details, URLs, passwords and documents. Hoyard DocSite presents all the user’s information and data in tab format and also in a tree structured format. Users get all required information with just a glance at the computer screen with this software. The software was published by the software developer agency ‘Hoyard’ on May 2006. It is being a very popular accounting and billing software for all these years.

The convenient tabs and the tree structure form of representing the notes increases the work efficiency of the user. It supports unlimited note numbers and note sizes in the notebook. This software serves several other purposes like creating to-do list, managing customer data for business purposes, recording addresses of customers and suppliers, ebook, content management, diary keeper, standalone executive database, outlining documents, word processors, PIM and managing passwords. Hoyard DocSite’s text editor comprises all functions like color, font, tables, images, background color, symbols, tables etc for editing paragraphs and standardizing texts just like Microsoft word. This tool is fully adaptable with MS Word and Excel and supports export and import of documents in other formats including .txt, .rtf, .html or .wri.

All data are fully secured with the feature of password protection and data encryption. Hoyard DocSite is extremely easy to use without requiring any technical knowledge. It has a simple, flexible and user friendly interface. Also it is compatible with several Windows operating softwares like the Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 2000. It does not contain any virus.

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