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Home Loan Interest Manager Lite is an accounting based software application conceptualized and created by Home Money Manager. This software has been designed to systematically keep a track of personal loans, different mortgages and the allied interest rates applicable on these loans. This software enables the users to maintain a proper record of the borrowed funds/ loans which needs to be repaid in a certain fixed duration. There are various aspects of loans and borrowed funds which need to be taken care of such the interest rates and other applicable charges. Home Loan Interest Manager Lite enables its user to manage all of this without any hassles and it with great ease. The best aspect of this software is that it is easily compatible with various versions of Windows operating software, especially with Windows 7 and Windows 8. With the help Home Loan Interest Manager Lite users can explore various ways and means to repay the loan/ borrowed fund before time, thus saving the extra applicable interest charges. This software works in a simple manner and systematically. Having a control on loans could not have been better without the help of Home Loan Interest Manager Lite. Since this software has been designed in a way that it cuts down the time consuming process of calculations and recording each and every aspect, users only need to feed in the main credentials and the software does the principle work accordingly. Home Loan Interest Manager Lite has been provided with an easy to use interface without many complications. Thus it is easy for the beginners to use and work on it. This software works on complete accuracy and avoids any possible errors or miscalculations. Hence with the help of this software, all worries related to loan management can be sorted with a few quick and easy steps.

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