EZWorld Accounting Software
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Download EZWorld Accounting Software

If you name softwares that are powerful and complete in the accounting business, you cannot surely miss out the EZWorld Accounting Software. The software has an added functionality of being customized by the certified developers from the EZWorld who tailor the software according to the unique needs of the business.

The accounting software has been scripted in a way that it ensures the book-keeping method related to double entry. The software additionally includes order entry, quotes, payable accounts, receivable accounts, inventory management, reminders, calendars, numerous locations, general ledger, Payroll, purchase orders, Contact Management and messaging.  There are added optional modules for the software too such as EDI, Recurring billing and synchronization, all of which can be added to the original module at additional costs. This software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and all other windows operating systems.

Stable, flexible, reliable and expandable all help supply a great performance adding up to a system that has the capability to keep a track of the entire business. This version of the software is a single-user one. An upgrade to the 10 user level can be initiated on a single network which can be facilitated by only a single user license. The software is expandable from the EZWorld Professional Accounting basic version to an upgraded version of hundreds or even thousands of users.

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