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Earnings Tracker is a versatile accounting tool developed by UK based I-T contractor. This is a user-friendly application also used for bookkeeping. This application tool is capable of estimating the size of dividends and generating the dividends tax vouchers that can be distributed to the shareholders as well as calculating the Value Added Tax. Since all the features are incorporated in straightforward format, it is very handy tool to check how well your store is doing. The additional features include viewing list of recent as well as individual sales, earnings spanning for every time period and earnings for all the products in the store.

Earnings Tracker is specifically designed for micro businesses, I-T contractors, freelancers and sole traders. It provides the user interface to enter all the expense amounts, salary, pension contributions, desk rentals, income tax, sale and purchase billing transactions. It also generates/calculates amount of due tax as well as VAT which in turn helps them analyze the profits and plan the strategies and environment for the future. With the simple and free finance tool at the disposal of contractors, sole traders and freelancers, they can manage their business and expenses budget precisely. This tool also provides the functions for analyzing and comparing actual and estimates sorted by dates. It is a fully functional and free accounting tool used in UK.

Earnings Tracker is an easily downloadable application. It can be installed on Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7/8, Vista/XP, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows 95/98. As the tool is written using PHP and MySQL, the additional requirements include Web Server supporting PHP and MySQL. Pre-installed online version can also be used. This application is also available on IOS to keep track on sales.

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