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For any business to flourish one of the most important things that needs to be taken care of is the accounts department and there is supposedly no better way to accomplish the task than employing the skills of Dimond Accounts for the job. Dimond Accounts has been designed and developed by Epson Omega Software Systems Design, a renowned accounting and billing software development agency who specializes in this field. The basic framework of Dimond Accounts helps users in the tedious task of having to maintain the nifty little details of the finances of the particular company by automating the task itself.

Dimond Accounts clearly states the fact that it can support multiple companies and their business details at the same time. It has built in features which allows the detailed maintenance of accounts, the related balance sheets, invoices of each and every transaction, the ledgers and journals that are concerned with the same and much more. It allows users to create customized fields, thus helping them to take care of the account details as and when required. Its ability to create, edit and maintain huge databases and allowing users to take advantage of the same, makes it one of the most developed software in its field. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and can write reports to it as seamlessly as possible.

To sum it all up, Dimond Accounts has a bunch of extraordinary qualities that users generally don’t find packed under the same bonnet. A few of these can be found as: compatibility with Windows 7 and Window 8, extremely user friendly interface with easy to use features and extensive help topics which helps users navigate through the tons of functionalities, equal help for professionals and first timers alike, small size which helps it to overcome the barrier of system requirements.

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