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DeskTax is the software that can be used for making the users access the real time detailed sales tax rates access easily. The software is specially designed to get accurate results from advanced research. An easy to use web based software program, it is also equipped with the latest technological features in order to suffice the users. Smooth running of the software and giving fast as well as accurate results are some of the special features of the software.

While you have availed the web based software program called DeskTax, you will be able to have easy access to the sales tax rates for the US tax jurisdiction. The look up of the software has simple and quick calculating aspect of sales tax as per demand. Overall, the software features are absolutely worth spending your money and time on.

DeskTax is the kind of software, which is compatible with the operating systems like the Windows 7 and Windows 8. The software is also compatible with other Windows OS, such as the Windows Vista and the Windows XP. If you are having a secured browser or an internet connection, the software can be downloaded on your computer without containing malware files. Fast downloading and installation processes of the software can also be experienced by the users. And last but not the least, the software can be purchased from the web platform at a very nominal charge, which you are sure to feel comfortable spending.

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