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DebtDasher is the business software designed for billing and accounting purposes. It is a comprehensive collection of many calculators designed considering the parameters of financial market that actually helps the user to take sound decisions on how to manage his debts. It acts as a powerful application that enables the user to take the very first step in getting out from his debt. This software builds up the confidence of the users by helping him manage the debts efficiently. It was published by the software developing company ‘TedCo Software’ in the year June 2012. This application is extensively used by all users to manage debts in the financial market with confidence.

DebtDasher is the calculating device that helps its users to determine his debt’s net worth. It accounts for the user’s loan including his credit card debts. By using DebtDasher a person can have ideas on how can he reduce his expenses and increase the income. It also helps in comparing the consolidated loans taken by the user. DebtDasher helps in creating budgets on a monthly basis that actually helps the user to control his expenditures and have proper saving plans which will grow on a timely basis. It requires just 8MB space of the computer’s RAM. The software offers the users to change their homepage to DebtDasher if they want.

This software has got great compatibility with Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. DebtDasher is extremely easy to use with a great user-friendly interface and it offers effective customer support. This software is totally free of any charge to download that is an added advantage for all users. It is 100% clean and does not contain any form of virus, malware, spyware or Trojan that ensures the user about the safety of his personal computer.

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