Download DBAExplorer

DBAExplorer is the management tool designed for Oracle RDMS users. This software was produced using the BorlandDelphi 7.0 version that provides super fast access to Oracle database users. The code for DBAExplorer was developed only after examining the techniques for effective and fastest ways of accessing the database so as to maximize the system’s total performance. The software was developed by the software developing agency ‘DBA Explorer’ on June 2008.

DBAExplorer is designed with all the key features. The user can easily browse through objects of the database like Sequences, Tables, Schema, Packages, Views, DB Links, Synonyms, Procedures, Functions, Advanced objects and many others. The administrative tasks can be performed through convenient ways with just a click of the mouse. Also, Rollback Segments, Users and Tablespaces can be created and the log files can be modified. All information on Free Space, SGA, and Block can be manipulated and altered whenever required. The user can execute SQL commands through editor windows. Any objects, relationship between the tables and dependencies can be quickly searched using the search option. The space management and instant monitoring feature include running and active jobs, data dictionary, UGA used space, library cache, SGA information, session information, table space, data files and rollback segment. By clicking on any of the active links, users can alter the information or modify the control files.

DBAExplorer is extremely easy to use with the simple, flexible and user friendly database. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista operating system.