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Shopping has always been a dream come true for many and with the recent advent of online shops everywhere on the internet, people need them to be as easy as possible and hence Darn! Shopping!. This particular software has been designed and developed by EmmaSoft Software, a major player in this field and an expert authority on the subject of building up accounting and billing software. The basic aim of this software is to remember the passwords and other login details of the users for different shopping websites which are scattered all over the web nowadays.

It is advised by experts that users don’t keep similar usernames and passwords for a multiple number of websites to ensure their own security and safety and to protect their own online identities. Hence when it comes to managing a whole bunch of such username and passwords, it becomes quite challenging on the users’ parts and at such times they need the help of machines. Darn! Shopping! helps them remember every single set of passwords and usernames as is required, thus allowing users to stay carefree. Apart from passwords and usernames, the software also remembers other login details such as security questions which are required for the user to gain access to personal information on the web. All the users have to do is to remember the username and password of the software itself and everything will be sorted out accordingly. The software even keeps account of the most visited websites and points the user in those directions, thus aiding them in their quest for shopping.

Apart from the above helpful characteristics, Darn! Shopping! incorporates a whole other range of features: compatibility with Windows 7 ,Windows 8 and almost every Windows OS, user friendly interface and small installation size further aids the already existing popularity of the software.

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