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Download Costrace

Costrace as the name suggests, is software that assists in your racing against the costs. It deftly handles your family accounts and budgets thereby making your personal finance run smoothly. With the economy being unstable and even depressing sometimes it is prudent that you manage your personal incomes and expenditures with an iron-hand. Costrace will facilitate you in maintaining one master database that will archive all the important details pertinent to your finance.

You will need to keep the record by inputting all your incoming transactions like salary, wages, pensions, interest and other incomes, reimbursements etc. Thereafter input the expenditures that you have to undertake. This can be classified into ‘recurrent’ or ‘occasional’ categories. Your task ends here and that of Costrace begins. With the excellent detailed and easy to understand interface it aids you in analyzing the data. You can make totals of the items of income and expense and analyze them period-wise or item-wise. This makes recognition of important items easy. Budgeting becomes easy as you now know which the key areas of concern are.

Costrace is effective for both single users and those trying to plan for a full family. It is very user-friendly and will take up minimum amount of your time. Besides archiving your incomes and expenses you can also import the movements of your bank statements, credit cards and debit cards into one single database. You can even directly import your net-banking transactions. This ensures that nothing is left out of your purview and helps you to avoid the unnecessary tension of trying to reconcile the balance left at the end of each month. Plan your expenses after making suitable provisions for the mandatory ones. Never be late in that mortgage or loan payment. Make all your insurance installments in time. Costrace is compatible with Windows 7 and 8.






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