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As the name suggests Cleantouch ImportGST Reloaded is a utility that assists Importers in managing their recording and reporting more efficiently. Importing is obviously more difficult in normal business transactions limited within a certain geographical boundary. There are much more calculations to make and more reports to keep that too within a tighter time schedule. The unique module based system of Cleantouch ImportGST Reloaded is easy to understand and operate.

The inventory module will make and maintain the sales tax reports whereas the Sales Tax Module will generate reports on Sales Tax Invoices, Sales Register, Purchase Register, a Challan Calculation Sheet and a Summary Report. The Import Module is most helpful as it facilitates calculation of costs and expenses under heads like Clearing, Insurance, Banking, L/C opening, Amendment, Container etc. All the modules are integrated with the Accounting Module. This implies that accounting will not be a time consuming affair any longer. Your balance sheet can be generated any day you are in need of it. Cleantouch ImportGST Reloaded is windows based and can be installed after being downloaded.

The benefits of installing and using this software are many, in a nutshell you will save cost and effective man hours while accounting in a more error-free manner. Reports that you generate with Cleantouch ImportGST Reloaded are accurate and can be used for declaring values during return submission or in FBR E-filling. The costing system lets you centralize the import expenses incurred and calculate Product cost on a whole. As the system is continuous and calculations are mane automatically you will be more prepared during an Audit or Inspection. The Stock ledger will always be updated and the running balance can be used for effective decision making while making a purchase or sale.




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