Cleantouch General Distribution System
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Download Cleantouch General Distribution System

Cleantouch General Distribution System is unique windows-compatible software that comes to the aid of those engaged in the business of distribution in a small to medium scale. With the use of software, keeping records, maintaining a track and generating reports becomes very easy. You can now always be informed about the amount of physical stock lying with you at any given day, the amount of stock in the custody of salesman and location wise stock break up. This means that since all the inputs and outputs gets recorded into the system on a timely manner Cleantouch General Distribution System will always be ready with the resultant figure that you are looking for.

The Cleantouch General Distribution System has a special product expense voucher that can pre-calculate profit by applying possible future expenses. All the modules including Inventory module, order module, salesman wise stock module etc are integrated with the accounting module which in turn is responsible for generating key financial documents like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet etc. Important reports like Parties Discount List, Daily Sales report, Non-Activate Parties List etc can also be generated with Cleantouch General Distribution System.

Timely information is something that every businessman will swear by since it is essential for timely report generation. For a distribution system it is even more important because the business is decentralized at transactions take place in different locations. With Cleantouch General Distribution System you can have all the information sorted into pre-formatted profit reports which can be customer-wise, area-wise, sales-man wise, item-wise, location-wise or booker-wise. Needless to so say such sorted information will help you take key decisions that can progress your business further. For instance you can recognize your key clientele, or make accurate stock acquisitions that will keep the carrying costs to the minimum.


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