Download Cheque Printing Plus Enterprise Edition

Cheque Printing Plus Enterprise Edition from Chirag Infotech is an easy to use software which is targeted at corporates and businesses to make their cheque printing requirements convenient with a few clicks. The program allows you to print cheques of any bank and in any numbers. You can manage any number of bank accounts and its cheque details and can print cheque reports. It also allows you to print cheque loose leaves, cut cheques of A4 sheets, vouchers, stop payment letters, cancellation letters, request letters for cheque books and MIS reports. You can also create unlimited company profiles. The built in cheque templates help you to easily and professionally create printable cheques in no time. It also allows you to add your own custom layouts. It allows bulk printing of multiple cheques with different banks and also the cheques which are not in serial order. You can import and export your data in CSV/Excel format. This version of the software also supports working on LAN.

The program is very easy on your system resources too. All it requires is a 128 MB of RAM and a minimum of 100 MB of hard disk space on a system running on Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 7 and you are good to go. The program however does essentially require Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or above and Crystal Report for it to work effectively. This version is designed for Windows platform and currently does not support Mac OS. For windows too any version older than XP, like Windows 7/8/95/98/2000 is not supported.

It does not require any additional printer and can be set easily to work with your existing Inkjet or laser printer and works with both centre feeding and top feeding printers. However it is not compatible with large format printers, plotters or fax machines. The software is bundled with a good online support aided by remote desktop assistance, phone, chat, e-mail and support tickets.


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