CDBF Console
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Download CDBF Console

CDBF Console is a vital software applications conceptualized and created by WhiteTown Software.  This software has been created for users to observe and make changes to the DBF information containing files. CDBF Console has been designed in such a way that it is compatible majority of the memo field versions and types and is also capable of transferring information intro varied formats such as plain text, Clipper, SQL server script, etc. There are several features merged into this software for optimized user experience. Users can fix errors related to information containing file titles. Most of the editing work can be performed with the help of an in-built hexadecimal editor.

CDBF Console is easily compatible with all the major versions of windows operating system, especially with windows 7 and windows 8. It is also compatible with other operating systems, thus making this software flexible and highly operational across various computer systems. CDBF Console enables the users to have access to multiple keyboard shortcuts thus enhancing the performance of tasks with least time consumption. It also avoids the input of extra efforts on repetitive tasks. The user can build additional CDBF files and add more credentials from various resources. There are various other features packaged in this software application such as, personalize the credential titles, functions enabling easy search and replacement tasks, use of different character types such as OEM & ANSI, and many other related tasks.

CDBF Console has been created with a user friendly interface thus enabling beginners as well as experience professionals to operate on this software with great ease. Operational and functional flexibility is guaranteed by this software and thus is of great significance for users. It is a optimized business software application which can be used across domains. FoxPro and Visual FoxPro are a type of memo field that is supported by CDBF Console.


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