Cashfolio is a new software in the line of financial software. Developed by Cognizen Company, it is a software that tries to answer your financial questions in an easy way. The developers have tried to make the software user friendly so that even a person with no financial background can easily use this software for his personal use to analyze both his cash earnings and spending.

Cashfolio software will help you to do a comparison of your income and spending at the monthly level. This can be done using the simple comparison tab available in the GUI of the software. Moreover Cashfolio automated categorization and chartering capabilities are the most important feature of this software. Though the chartering capabilities are available with some other similar software but Cashfolio’s charts and categories are exhaustive. This will enable you to gain valuable insight into your own financial conditions.

With a user friendly GUI that has excellent interface that is divided basically into two parts transaction and report. In transaction tab you can create new transactions, split them or categorize them. A comprehensive table below will help you in keeping an eye on different transactions created by you at the same time. In the report tab you can generate reports. The reports that are generated are accompanied with colorful graphs and pie charts that have detailed references. With these many reports you can easily know the pattern of your spending.

Moreover Cashfolio comes with an easy drag and drop feature. Microsoft money files can easily be dragged and dropped and easily imported into the application. So this will help you to get the basic idea of your savings also.

This software is compatible with Win NT / XP / 2003 / SERVER / VISTA / 2007 / 2008. Though a MAC version of this software is awaited we hope that Cashfolio software will prove to be a good tool for you in your financial calculations.