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BulkQuotesXL Pro is a business software application designed and developed by OLSOFT. With the help of this software, users can straight away feed the stock quotes in their worksheets. The users can also additionally apply analytical tasking and pointers with more than 80 such options available in the software. There are various sources through which financial quotes and stock quotes can be derived such as Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance, etc. This is an extremely useful and important software for various businesses, especially for businesses trading in stocks and shares or having their own stocks and shares listed in the share market.

The best aspect of BulkQuotesXL Pro is that it has been designed in such a way that it is easily compatible with all the major version of windows operating system, especially windows 7 and windows 8. This feature enables the software to become operational across various computer systems. BulkQuotesXL Pro enables its users to download multiple quotes on various financial matters such as stocks, shares, mutual funds, dividends, indices, etc. This software has been designed to offer its users optimum functionality and accuracy. It offer guaranteed flexibility to its users and also enables them to technically analyze the data sourced through various informational web resources such as Google Finance and lots more.

BulkQuotesXL Pro allows users to manage and download approximately over hundreds of pointers at one time. With the help of in built tools, users can create various bars, carts and reports by applying macros to the financial data downloaded. This feature helps in quick and easy analysis of vital data. There are various display templates provided with the software through which users can organize and set their data in either dedicated rows or columns. BulkQuotesXL Pro also enables the user to transfer the data to various recognized formats. Meta stock, ASCII, etc are some of the major formats amongst others.











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