Download Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player, as suggested by its name, is a video software utility that offers its users the ability to view and control what they want to view, whether their video sources are online or offline. This tool claims to offer a simple mechanism to help you determine what you want to view, both, on the internet and otherwise; adding a lot of flexibility to what you want to view. With this tool, you will also be able to download videos from the internet or even subscribe to your favorite videos offered by internet based TV services or providers. These downloaded videos can be viewed at your convenience, by storing them in your personal library and viewing, at leisure, whatever you want.

Available on a free to use basis, you can implement this tool in various Windows based systems including Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions. With this tool, you will be able to download all your favorite videos or episodes and categorize them based on various preferences such as date, genre, etc. You can also access various Internet TV shows using your Adobe user account and watch them according to your convenience. It also allows you to create a Favorites list, where you can download and store all your favorite TV episodes or videos and watch them in a relaxed manner.

The tool also offers you the option to configure the utility to download or list only the latest episodes of a TV show. This functionality is useful when you want to catch up with some TV show or online video. And it can be implemented easily with just a mouse click. The Channel preview feature adds to the flexibility aspect by allowing you to determine which video you want to view. The Content status indicator is another helpful feature in this tool. This is a product from the house of Adobe Systems.

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