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Download SMRecorder

As you know that the SMRecorder is one of the best video cum audio recorder which actually grabs the inputs of the microphone. In fact, it is programmed in such a way so that it can get the audio and video on the desktop also. The most exciting thing is that you can use this for preparing various kinds of the tutorials, lessons and other manuals.

In addition to this, it is configured to get the clippings of the video, which would ease out the above-mentioned tasks. In order to make it more remarkable you can also insert some kinds of the onscreen annotations and so on. In order to operate that, over all you will get three types of the access buttons where the first one actually indicates for starting, recording and pausing While there are others which actually controls the save operation and the annotation tool. However, you would see that the last button actually helps you out to control the screenshots. Well it enables you to get in touch with the previous application directly on the web page .One more interesting thing to note about the SM recorder is it has striven to make its user interface quite humble. More candid so that it can use the programs setting page, screen annotation tool and the task box which would capture the new version of the recordings. In addition to this, you will also get to see the Audio tab, which works stunningly means it allows you to set the duration of the volume, delay, channel etc. Moreover, the software can be minimized whenever you are recording so that the user would not face any kind of problem pertaining to the recording.

Later on, you can see that as soon as the recording quits it is automatically saved in the AVI file format. This seems so interesting. Well this is a mobile device, which you can easily put on the desktop. This is simply fabulous.

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